IT Staffing Partner

I was stranded and MARTA was delayed. Stellar Consulting Uber-ed me to work. They went above and beyond to accommodate me. They take care of their consultants.

(Sasha Pennant, Consultant)​

Stellar has become a strategic partner to my business in Georgia because of her clear understanding of the market place, ability to listen to our project needs and identifying the right candidates. It has been a successful and positive working relationship between our companies.

(John Kucek, Managing Director at Compaid)​

I can say that Stellar Consulting are very professional.  They are also very open to their employee’s suggestions and ideas.  They always respond to inquiries in a timely manner. 

(Felicia Mayberry, Consultant)

I've served with Stellar on the board of the Supply Chain and Logistics Society where we worked together on expanding the Society's outreach to companies in the industry. Stellar’s numerous contacts, combined with their energy, preparation and professionalism, have been a great asset to SC&L.

(Edward Barton, Sr. Director at Equifax)​

Stellar has delivered several highly qualified resources to the company I work for, and I highly recommend Stellar for anyone needing a great partner to help fill difficult to hire for positions.

(DJ Mccall, Director, provision and implementations)​


Stellar is a dedicated IT recruiter who is able to understand what his clients are really looking for and then map those needs to their extensive talent network to identify solid candidates. They have consistently delivered high quality talent and personable service. (Andy Mitchell, VP, IT Service delivery at nThrive)​

Stellar is an amazing talent who has a keen eye for aligning business needs with sure solutions. More importantly, they are warm, kind, dependable and trustworthy which are excellent characteristics of someone who recruits top talent in the tech industry. (Jacque Plair-Rushin, President of WIT, Head of US operations at Qamatic)​